Sunday, February 24, 2013

March 16th: We Present THE BATTERY With Director Jeremy Gardner On Hand For A Q&A

Our next movie night has us screening a local film that just might be the best damned zombie movie we've come across in the three plus years we've hosted our events. Jeremy Gardner's THE BATTERY keeps its walking dead in the background, choosing instead to focus on two friends as they wander the abandoned New England landscape. Shot for a paltry $6000 by cajoling friends and relatives to kick in $100 each (or as Gardener puts it (the amount they'd be okay losing on a night out at the casino), The Battery is stunningly beautiful in scope and features a haunting soundtrack featuring music from folk rockers Rock Plaza Central.

 The Battery in a nutshell: Two ex ballplayers band together after a zombie breakout wipes out the vast majority of the population. Like a modern day Odd Couple, the pair find themselves at constant odds at how to proceed. Ben (Jeremy Gardner) wants to press forward and keep on the constant move while Mickey (Adam Cronheim) has trouble letting go of the past, and just wants a place he can cling to. When the pair receive a call over their walkie-talkies that a settlement with survivors and the comforts of a previous life may be nearby, that seed of hope in a world without out it might be the thing that damns them both.

Writer/director/star/Daniel Higgs lookalike Jeremy Gardner will be on hand to introduce the film as well take audience questions in a post-screening Q&A. We also have a pair of shorts screening. Tickets will be on sale soon via Ticketleap. As always, the screening takes place in the Somerville Theater micro cinema, right in the heart of Davis Square. Tickets are $10 and cash only at the door (credit cards accepted online). The show kicks off at 8pm.

Trailer time kids!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trailer For MON AMI Showing at the Somerville Theater February 16th

Two Friends.

One Plan.

No Clue.

Our next All Things Horror Presents hails from our friends up north with the kidnapping caper gone horribly wrong film MON AMI. Described as a "horror movie disguised as a buddy comedy", Mon ami  follows Cal and Teddy, two friends that decide to take revenge on their boss by kidnapping his daughter. Of course when two idiots put their heads together, things take a turn for the catastrophic. Mistakes are made, blood gets spilled, bodies pile up and in the end we all learn a little bit about one another.

We're also looking to screen two to three horror shorts with a demented take on romance. We'll keep you posted with the full lineup.

The Somerville Theater is located right in Davis Sq.
Doors are at 8pm.
Tickets are $10 each and are available for presale on Ticketleap right now. We're running a Date Night speciual where you can buy two for $15

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 11th EXHUMED and NAILBITER Double Feature at The Somerville Theater

WE'RE STOKED TO INVITE YOU TO OUR NEXT indie horror movie night. This month Chris and I are hosting two films that couldn't be more different, but embody everything we love about bringing these films to Boston genre fans.

Up first we present NAILBITER, the latest offering from Patrick Rea and SenoReality Pictures. If you're a fan of old school monster movies and get absolute chills when whatever is lurking in the darkest corner of the room skulks just of of sight, then you're going to love this film. When a mother and her three young daughters take refuge in a storm cellar as a tornado wreaks havoc outside, they soon discover they're not alone. Featuring beautiful creature designs, excellent practical FX, strong performances across the board and a fantastic score Nailbiter will put a smile across the face of anyone who ever grew up on the Saturday Afternoon Creature Double Feature. 

Our second act takes a more psychological horror bent. Richard Marr Griffin's latest EXHUMED forgoes the humorous slant we've seen on films like The Disco Exorcist and Atomic Brain Invasion. Debbie Rochon and Michael Thrurber star as the parental figures overseeing the last embers of a dying cultist family. Unable to cope with the real world, the pair will stop at nothing to grow and keep their family together. Shot in beautiful black and white, Griffin crafts a work that will have your teeth setting on edge as the tension builds, offering only the briefest respite with moments punctuated by shocking violence. It's one of the best independent features we've come across in a long time and we're proud to present it.

We'll also be screening a pair of short films from Rea as well as the latest short from Fatal Pictures Familiar. 

$10 gets you into both films, and we'll have a link for advanced tickets in a day or so. Here's all the need to know details:

When: FRIDAY MAY 11th 8pm